segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012

The New York he loves

Woody Allen. George Gershwin. New York City. Manhattan… what else to say? A movie about Woody’s love for the most charming-crazy-fancy-alternative-rich city in every level. Where everything happens. Every time. Where couples break up, make up, combine. Where people work hard and play hard. The city of dreams, desires, consumption, addictions, skyscrapers, noise, crowds, passions, artists, musicians, business, life at full throttle. The city that Woody portrayed in the 70s and that does not seem too different now. Yes, I was there, and for three months this was what I felt, and in the first week I had already fallen in love with it! (And I say it now with a certain nostalgia, something (saudade!) that almost suffocates... there was no better cut (corte) to place here, after so many months of neglect, than scenes of Manhattan. And speaking of neglect, this will be the first and only text in English, just because it had to be this way…).

My cut goes to 2 scenes:

Scene 1 – The opening, in which Woody declares his love for New York.

Scene 2 – The scene in which Tracy (a 17-year-old girl) tells his boyfriend Isaac (a 42-year-old divorced man) that “maybe people weren’t meant to have one deep relationship. Maybe we’re meant to have a series of relationships of different lengths”. My life experience says Yes, I agree, but my romanticized view says No... can I say Manhattan is trying to say No?

Sometimes we need to abandon books, movies, blogs, hobbies, just to live a little bit.